Are you constantly buried in employment application paperwork? 

Are you tired of chasing down SIN #s, Work Permits or Certifications? is proud to power WARM membership applications. As a special benefit we are pleased to offer WARM members a complimentary One Year Subscription to Marketwurks' custom online Employee Application and Management service.

How it works:

  1. Create your custom employment application form
    • collect applicant information
    • create job categories 
    • upload certificates, work permits and reference documents
    • display job descriptions and employment policies
    • display and prompt acceptance of employment contracts
  2. Create an Acknowledgement Page..let them know your expectations
    • display job descriptions and employment policies
  3. Create a "Thank You" email that is automatically sent to the applicant upon a successful form submission
    • display next steps
    • provide links to training materials
    • provide copies of policies and standards
  4. Embed your new Employment Application on your website, blog or FB page.  (No programmers required)
  5. Receive email notification of new applications
  6. Review, accept or decline applications on your secure administration page
  7. Export employee information directly to Excel spreadsheet
  8. Manage employee reviews and status in employee profile
  9. Save Paper
  10. Save Time
  11. End A.F. (Administration Frustration)

How to

Click Here  or email and sign up for your free 1 year subscription. We will help you create your application form and have your form "Live In Five"..guaranteed. Now you can review and manage your employee data online from any device, from anywhere.